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Kriti Natural Incence Stick (Cinnamon) Pack of 2 (100 Pcs Each Box)

Kriti Natural Incence Stick (Cinnamon) Pack of 2 (100 Pcs Each Box)

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Kriti,s Incense sticks also called agarbattis are fragranced sticks used from ancient period by people all over the world. The evolution of incense stick could be from the burning of aromatic woods in the primitive period. The purpose of burning agarbatti is to purify the bad air. The holy smoke prevents unwanted bad energy and bad spirit from entering home. The use of incense stick is recorded in Old Testament, the Vedas, and other ancient books. A good incense stick is made from natural ingredients like camphor, clove, sandalwood, kasturi manjal, saffron, sweet smelling flowers like rose, jasmine, green jasmine, oils of fragranced flowers, and aromatic woods. Weight : 300 GM (Each)


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