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Kriti Creations

Kriti creations Puja holi set

Kriti creations Puja holi set

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It sounds like you're describing a Puja Holi set that includes five colors (for celebrating the festival of Holi) and chandan (sandalwood paste). This set would likely be used for performing religious rituals and celebrating the festival with traditional colors and materials.

Puja Holi sets are common during the festival season and often include items like colored powders (known as gulal or abir), which are used for playing Holi, as well as other items needed for worship or puja ceremonies.

Chandan, or sandalwood paste, is often used in religious rituals and ceremonies due to its pleasant fragrance and symbolic significance.

If you're looking to purchase such a set, you might find it available at stores specializing in religious or cultural items, or online through various retailers or marketplaces. Make sure to check the contents of the set to ensure it includes all the items you need for your celebration or puja.

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