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Kriti Creations

Kriti Creations Holi Water Balloon - Multicolor (200 Pcs)

Kriti Creations Holi Water Balloon - Multicolor (200 Pcs)

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Packages of 200 high quality multi-colored lates water balloons. Are you sick of holes, rips and water balloons popping while filling? Tired of small water balloons that don't explode on impact? Did your last order come with water balloons much smaller than advertised? No variety in your multi-color order? Do you want water balloons without chemical powder coatings and foul odors? Did your water balloons lose water overnight before your event even began? Uplifting balloons to the rescue! Our high quality water balloons weigh 0.23g each. Pre-fill water balloons the night before and they will still be full the next day. Quality control inspected manufacturer.
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