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Kriti Creations Kamdehnu Cow
Product Code: SP079
SKU Code: SP079 (Sold by Kriti Creations Pvt. Ltd.)
Rs. 1299.00    Rs. 1049.00
Height: 4.5cm (Inclusive of all taxes)
Width: 4cm
Length: 1cm
Weight: 650gm
Material: Brass

Kamadhenu is usually portrayed with the body of a cow and a female head, also with breasts. Sometimes, she is also shown as a spotlessly white cow, containing several deities within her physical structure.     Kamadhenu is regarded by Hindus as the source of all prosperity; verily as the Devi herself. She is also related to Prithvi or Mother Earth, who incidentally, is sometimes also described as the serene, all-enduring cow. To Hindus, the cow also represents purity, fertility, the ability to sustain human life and a selfless, sacrificing nature.    The four legs of the Kamadhenu embody the four Vedas and are considered to be as strong and enduring as the Himalayas. Her horns symbolize the Divine Trinity of Brahma at the tip, Vishnu in the middle part and Shiva at the base of the horn. In her eyes reside the sun and moon Gods. Agni, the God of Fire, and Vayu, the God of Wind, reside in her shoulders. In general, it is believed that all the major deities exist within the person of Kamadhenu. This is also how Kamadhenu is usually represented in portraits. Product colour may slightly vary due to photographic lighting sources or your Screen settings.