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Kriti Natural Room Spray Freshner (Vanilla) Pack of 4

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SKU: DG284

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"Room sprays provide an instant burst of aromatic fragrance to any room. It is convenient and is great for travelling. You can use room sprays everywhere. Use it to enliven your rooms and closets; refresh smoke-laden air; revive your home after cooking; freshen up hotel rooms; in your car or while travelling; and add fragrances to your potpourris or artificial flowers. Fragrances are emanated differently in each product which will have an effect on the overall scent released. This is most significant in scented candles. When heated, the natural oils within the wax are simultaneously dispersed into the air. While reed diffusers release its fragrance into the air in layers resulting in a deeper fragrance over time. As for room sprays, every spray maintains its fresh, light scent and slowly subdue into the more mellow fragrance.