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Kriti Feng Shui Bejeweled Rooster
Product Code: FS304
SKU Code: FS304 (Sold by Kriti Creations Pvt. Ltd.)
Rs. 1249.00    Rs. 1011.00
Height: 8 cm (Inclusive of all taxes)
Width: 4 cm
Length: 7 cm
Weight: 210 gm
Material: alloy

This glamorous hand-made Bejewelled Rooster has been intricately embedded with dazzling crystals and accented with colorful enamel. The numerous glittering gems and the resplendent gold finish are a representation of abundant riches and wealth. Within its body, it boasts a hidden compartment, easily open and closed with a magnetic clasp ,This rooster reflects radiance, and is pompous over his extravagant crown and fine feathers. The Rooster  is a symbol of courage, dependability, diligence, self-determination of perseverance. Often related to the yang principle and features such as loyalty and bravery, the Rooster is a fine symbol to keep in the home. With his ever-attentive eyes, he is said to be always alert and ready to “peck away” any danger to your relationship, career or wealth. In tradition Feng Shui beliefs, the rooster is known to be a bearer of good fortune and joyous activities. Not only does it bring happiness, but it eliminates the bad. The pronunciation of chicken in Chinese is similar to 'auspicious'.. It is also trustworthy because man relies on the rooster for its wake-up crows in the morning. This rooster reflects confidence, it is an ideal feng shui symbol to keep in  south sector of office or work desk.       Disclaimer: This Fengshui Product is Believed to bring about all the good things. We do not guarantee its success and are not responsible for any claim.   Product colour may slightly vary due to photographic lighting sources or your Screen settings.  
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