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Kriti Creations Feng Shui Bejeweled Lovely Bird Key Chain
Product Code: FS015
SKU Code: FS015 (Sold by Kriti Creations Pvt. Ltd.)
Rs. 1199.00    Rs. 949.00
Height: 8cm (Inclusive of all taxes)
Weight: 30gm
Material: Metal

Key Chain. With their ability to soar and fly above the trees and among the clouds, birds inspire the envy of man and it's no surprise that they have become symbols of freedom, happiness, new opportunities and bearer of good news. Loved for their beautiful, bright plumage and sweet songs, birds are also admired for their faith and loyalty as many birds form tight loving bonds and mate for life. Thus, they are also used to symbolize love and commitment, good luck and abundance. The Bejeweled Lovely Bird Key Chain is a handy amulet which can be attached to any item anywhere you like - your keys, bag, luggage, suitcase, makeup case, wallet, purse, or simply tucked among your knick-knacks. Thus, besides being an elegant accessory, it is a Feng Shui auspicious amulet with all the protection and blessings associated with the bird symbol. Keep it with you at all time so that your personal ‘guardian angel’ is always there with you, to protect you from harm and bring you good luck. This way, the special amulet can work as a Feng Shui lucky charm and protect you not only while you are in your house or at work but also the rest of the time and wherever you goDisclaimer: This Fengshui Product is Believed to bring about all the good things. We do not guarantee its success and are not responsible for any claim.   Product colour may slightly vary due to photographic lighting sources or your Screen settings.